Health eProfile

A "health eprofile" is the abstract manifestation of your personal goal to be the master of your health and health data. The Health eProfile platform provides consumers and patients with tools and services for storing, managing, and exchanging personal health information. Health eProfile supports electronic patient engagement and consumer-directed health information exchange. Plain and simple. The personal health data you store in your Health e-Profile is yours. We won't sell it, look at it, or ask you about it unless you want us to. We are here to help you put your data to work for you. Health e-Profile is your service for privately and securely storing and managing all of your personal health and fitness data.

Personal Health Data Ownership

Information and knowledge is power. Owning and managing your personal health data empowers you toward better health. Who you share it with should be your choice and your opportunity to be compensated for its use outside of your own care. That is where Health eProfile comes in. We seek to provide you a platform for secure data storage and personal health data brokerage.

Health eProfile Empowerment!

Feel Empowered

Feeling in control of your personal health data will empower you. It will make you feel in control and the master of your destiny. Your personal health information is your life history and future. Nobody else should be in control of it than you.

Control your health data and relax by using Health eProfile

Be Health-e!

You will feel STRONG knowing that your health and fitness data is there when you need it. It doesn't matter whether you are tracking the miles your run, trying to lose some weight, handle medical claims, or communicate needs between your care providers and family. Putting your health information into one place that you can trust feels good.

Health eProfile Privacy & Security Protection

No Fear

We are not here to scare you, we are here to do our best to protect your health data. We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and confident service for storing and exchanging all of your health data. We go above and beyond to safeguard and confirm the unique makeup of your data.

You Be You

A personal health history is one of your doctor's greatest assets in assessing the care that you need. Health is complex and made up of a multitude of events that include physical, mental, and social experiences. Building a Health eProfile can help you tell that story.

Advanced Personal Health IT

Health eProfile team members have been at the forefront of developing tools to engage a broad community of patients and people to successfully access, store and manage their personal health information.

There is a need for a new person - centered ontology that includes the patient as an interaction point, not only within the health services model but as an invested owner in the healthcare transaction. It is time to change the universe of discourse for the patient in the healthcare model. Health eProfile seeks to define the set of personal health data points and the required set of connections to build the healthiest profile available to any citizen. This declarative formalism will allow for a new paradigm in health e-services transactions.

Interested in building a Health eProfile?

Let's work together to make sure that your personal health information is serving you more than it is serving anybody else.

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We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and empowering service for storing and exchanging all of your health data.